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softest and creaseless light box fabric

A backlit fabric that can be folded and carried about. The dense structure reproduces sharp colors, glossy and clean surface makes ink drop more precisely and the image more fine and smooth. Slight stretch, combined with silicone strips, makes installation more easy, saving transportation costs and expediting receipt of products by customers. Suitable for LED backlit application. Dye sublimation and Latex printing are recommended.

most valuable flag fabric

Flag fabric has longer outdoor lifetime. No loose ends on the edges after hot slitting. Suitable for laser cutting. When hung up, it has no wavy edges. Roll length can be fixed at 100m*N (N=1, 2, 3, ...), with the maximum being 1000m (non-splicing). Compatible with all dye sublimation printers on the market, also compatible with UV, Latex and transfer printing.

finest light box fabric

Represents the details more finely, enabling customers to view detailed images at a distance of 3cm. Satisfies customers picky on details. Ink drops precisely, treated with quick-dry coating, ensuring highest finished product rate. Sharp contrast between colored and black-white areas, delivering large visual impact.

Most cost-effective display fabric

Code name: JYDS-X6. High Density. Weight=190gsm. Saves transportation cost. Neat edges after slitting. Suitable for large format printing and frontlit applications. As one of the SEG series, it's easy to handle and the internal frame is hardly noticeable. An upgrade to display fabric. Customers see a better product while the material cost doesn't rise. A well-marketed product, suitable for table cloth, banners, flags, display, etc.



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