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The S+C digital jet banner.

The S+C digital jet banner.

May 8,2018
S+C direct spraying cloth is a new material to meet the demands of market individuation development and respond to the national environmental protection requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. The fabric is treated with special process, and the permeable capacity of the water-based thermal sublimation ink can be fully played. The double penetration rate is 95%, and it can be used for flame retardant and waterproof treatment.
Digital direct spraying fabric has broken through the technical bottleneck of digital direct jet fabric, and realized a real printing, no printing plate and full color image. Direct injection photo cost of very low and the effect of the high quality than traditional advertising banner printing production system economy is convenient, minimal investment system, digital operation mode and limited space, make the system has a larger market prospects. It is the best complement to the traditional banner material, also is the replacement product. Little investment, low cost, direct injection optional size, high image quality, small footprint, operators and very low running cost, less selective type fabric material thickness is big, there are a lot of investment advantage. In addition, the professional digital direct ink jet can realize the color saturation, the color field is wide, the transition is good, far more than the traditional heat transfer printing, screen printing effect.
Suitable for advertising (large sets, exhibitions, banners, craft paintings, exhibition frames, flags); Household textiles (curtain, window, sand distribution, tablecloth, shower curtain, sleeping bag, bed linen, etc.); Outdoor leisure products (umbrellas, umbrellas, sunshades, beach chairs, tents, etc.); Clothing fabrics (fashion, beach pants, sportswear, bicycle wear) car decoration products (cushion, car seat cover, car curtain, sun block, car cover, etc.); Handicrafts: non-woven fabric, photo-realistic photo, craft painting, hanging flag, kite fabric, eyeglasses cloth and other polyester printed fabrics.



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