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Multi-backlit Fabric JYBL-111

Multi-backlit Fabric JYBL-111

September 22,2015
When textiles are introduced into the advertising industry, the industry encounters a complete change. The companies leading the new technologies come from France and Germany. Naturally, when we see the new technology many times, we get inspiration and new direction of research. Eventually, after three years of endeavor, we have new product to release. We know what material can make light-box, how to present better and how to remove the shortcomings of current products from Europe, so that we can produce a brand new product. Yes, this is our new product JYBL-111 Multi-backlit fabric, which is a material that has excellent presentation effect by both heat transfer and dye sublimation. It has good dimensional stability and is very thin, and it leaps forward in both brightness and color. We will display it for the first time in D.PES exhibition in Guangzhou. We can discuss together the application fields of this new product.

When you are still obsessed with imported backlit fabric from Germany, you should think whether imported products are the best. We have our own backlit fabric which is not only bright in color but also not irreversibly wrinkled after being folded. The largest width can reach 330cm.

This JYBL-111 Multi-backlit fabric is backlit by warm white LED bulb, suitable for promotion of cosmetics, etc. The skin is rosy and doesn’t appear aloft.

Of course we can also be aloft.

Yes, this is the high end presented by cold white light, because not all celebrities are close to common people.

Please remember we won’t generate the exhibition effect by PS. We believe good effects are not achieved by taking photos, but by seeing with naked eyes.

This is our first attendance in D.PES. We harvest a lot like the season of autumn.

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