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The development of textile industry tends to slow down and exports return to the growth track

The development of textile industry tends to slow down and exports return to the growth track

Jul 16,2018
By the international textile and apparel diversification and domestic macroeconomic impact, since 2010, our country textile industry fiber processing, advocate business wu income, overall profit, total exports and industrial output growth is apparent and main economic indicators leveled off, transformation and upgrading of industry development in depth stage, but still keep growing industry development.
According to the data from the prospective database, the total investment of China's textile industry in the first half of this year was 603.014 billion yuan, up by 9.11% year on year. The retail sales of clothing, shoes, hats and needles increased by 7.3 percent year-on-year. Online retail sales grew at a faster pace, with online retail sales of apparel products up 20.8 per cent year on year. In the january-may period of this year, the revenue of the enterprises' main businesses was 2945.57 billion yuan, up 9.4 percent year on year. Profits totaled 149.5 billion yuan, up 10.6 percent year on year.
And exports, as textile production and export of power in our country, by the world economic recovery slow pace in recent years, the international market demand, export data has been a declining trend, but in the first half of this year our country textile clothing export 124.05 billion dollars, up 2.1% from a year earlier, finally ended two years was negative, realize the moderate growth.
In recent years, although China's share of the three major textile markets in the United States, Japan and Europe continues to decline, China's dominant position in the world textile and clothing export remains stable. Textile industry as a pillar industry of national economy in our country has been fully revealed, but there are still factors of production costs, tax costs and the high cost of financing problems, need further efforts in terms of cost reduction.
Forward-looking industry research institute "the transformation and upgrading of cotton textile industry production and marketing demand forecasting and strategic analysis report that, if you want to change the textile industry, we must reform the two aspects of industrial structure and supply, to further strengthen product innovation, provides the high quality and high value-added products. In order to improve the trend of industrialization of textile technology and informationization, the textile industry must be transformed, upgraded and innovated. For clothing consumption, domestic consumption demand is very big still, but the supply side on the demand to match and improve space, high value-added, innovative products often can not meet the needs of the consumers, low-value excess capacity. Textile industry is expected to supply the reform will continue to close down backward production facilities, especially under the background of high labor costs, low value-added products in the future will be more limited living space, and the textile industry of the reform of the supply side.



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