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Flag making and equipment process.

Flag making and equipment process.

May 24,2018
History of banner, is a human civilization, the banner of making way, also is accompanied by the development of science and technology and progress, however, it has been a secret door not shown "craft" rather than "industry", the application of digital technology, let the banner production industry a revolutionary change, also revealed to us her mysterious veil
Today, most of the flag, or through manner, for a small flag or flags, wide and large quantity and commemoration of flag, this is one of the most economic way??
As for printing, for small batch (short version) flag making, digital square?? Inkjet printing - specifically, is a more economical way, after all, ink-jet printing way without making silk screen version, but also for the monochrome banner, especially with color gradient or meticulous complicated situation, because it is a one-time printing, unlike need registering, way of digital printing flags color too much better, more precise patterns??
Of cloth, currently used flags are all kinds of polyester fabrics, this kind of fabric in fastness, wrinkle folding physical indicators, such as or in terms of cost, are better than that of the fabrics such as cotton, silk, early digital way, also is relatively more traditional, is with the method of thermal transfer, first through the inkjet printing (generally called print advertising photo) or electrostatic photo, will disperse dye ink (although called the dye ink, but its more like ink pigment ink, is a particle dispersion rather than the normal state of pure water soluble liquid dye ink), printed on special paper (commonly known as thermal transfer paper), again through the thermal transfer machine, Transfer to the fabric of the flag, and finally cut the seam edge of the material to make the finished product of the flag. More than 200 degrees, the quoted time almost for 20 or 30 seconds, the process, special dye, solid particle temperature directly into a gas again, meet after polyester fiber and fiber, is a typical physical process of the so-called "sublimation" (refers to solid substances without liquid directly into the phenomenon of gas), so the process?? "Hot rise?? ", this kind of use of disperse dye ink also called heat sublimation ink??
Time in recent years, with the direct injection way, the ink is the same, of course, just do not need thermal transfer paper, save costs, to a certain extent, but it also has a problem, because the ordinary polyester fabrics don't absorb water-based ink, so the fabric need through special processing, customers often depends on the specific fabric suppliers, the price is higher than that of untreated fabrics, together with its effect than the transfer mode is a bit poor, directly print another problem is that under the condition of the ink is not completely dry, will roll up cloth, between adjacent layers of fabric will string color caused by the spread and permeability, so some factories, Do the solid color "online" heating equipment, attached photo machine, after the print directly heated solid color, and then roll it up, the deficiency, is a solid color effect than large transfer confidential less??
The banner with big face, should not have seam, and common large face printer (LFP, advertising commonly known as "portrait???? "). The width is within 1.6 meters. One way to do this is to print within 1.6 meters of the transfer paper, and then reassemble the transfer paper on the wider fabric, which is obviously very difficult to do
Although more than 3 m wide solvent ink special heat transfer paper, but for large spray machines, most of the direct spray rather than heat transfer printing, not only because of the cost, but "double-sided? "Effect, and this is the advantage of solvent thermal sublimation ink, water-based ink penetration is poor, do double sided flag, you need to double respectively do thermal transfer, time cost is high, and large format with the sublimation ink direct injection on the cloth of double penetration, low cost of the save Labour when the province, disadvantage into advantage??
The best effect of two-sided penetration is to print with "oil heat sublimation ink", because the oil is more permeable and the color difference between the two sides is smaller. Oily ink is also more environmentally friendly than solvent ink. And printing the fabric handle, oily ink is more soft, natural, therefore, the current market price, oily heat sublimation ink print double-sided flag price, is around twice the sublimation ink solvent heat, and cost, is almost no difference. At present, the United States Witt is the only manufacturer that provides this kind of oil thermal sublimation ink printing solution, its FabricVu flag special jet, almost all?? The 2008 Beijing Olympics??? 09 countries? 60 years of major landscape layout and flag printing
List of digital printing schemes for flags:
LFP (< =1.74 m) large spray machine UWP (> 2.2 m)
Transfer printing direct spray transfer printing direct spray
Water-based ink?? ∨ ∨
Solvent ink ∨ ∨ (through)
Oily ink?? ∨ ∨ (through)
The idea of green Olympics, not only throughout all aspects of the Olympic Games, its influence has been far beyond the time and space, flag is the obvious example, before the Olympic Games, the flag in the street light box cloth painting together back to back, and after the games, Beijing's streets no light cloth print flag, predictably, the 2010 Shanghai world expo and the Asian games in guangzhou, must also will continue the thinking of landscape layout of the Olympic Games, more green flag cloth will be popular??
Whether the Olympics or National Day are government-led projects, can "green environmental protection" affect market selection through the market mechanism? It's really hard to give you one, right? "?????? ". We know that in the western developed countries, weak solvent ink photo, has replaced the pictorial way, water and UV printing has been gradually replaced by solvent ink painting, but in our country, photo or "gum PP + water-based dye ink?? Cold + framed?? "Weak solvents account for less than 20% of the market, mainly in special areas such as car stickers. Outdoor painting or "solvent ink + light box?? ", the application of UV spray painting few stars???
Market changes, who on earth is leading the ups and downs, the answer is cost? "Green environmental protection" should be changed from "idea" to market power. I am afraid that relevant policies and regulations are still needed. The sun is always ahead in this respect.



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