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Analysis of the development status of the digital printing industry.

Analysis of the development status of the digital printing industry.

Apr 20,2018
The development of thermal sublimation digital printing is a kind of thick and thin hair. In the development of equipment, technology, design and market, the development of digital printing is now based on the following analysis:
1, sublimation transfer printing market transition, the market for digital printing sublimation transfer printing is mainly used in large and medium-sized order sportswear, women's clothing, flags, arts and crafts, as the market gradually developed, stylist to the requirement of the gradient and color, and digital printing equipment upgrade, the delivery date is shortened, in addition to the proofing before the business, order easily completed hundreds of digital printing, digital printing in the sublimation transfer printing market is developing rapidly. Taking MIMAKI ts34-1800a as an example, the production speed of 4pass, 32 square/time, is more than twice that of the previous machine, and the machine itself is equipped with the rewinding device, which can be rolled up in time for convenient production. In addition, the new generation of sublimation transfer machine also improves the stability of the product, the transfer rate is low, whether it is the transfer of the cloth, or the strip printing, it is very convenient.
2, hand-painted silk hand-painted silk market transition because by environment, technical requirements higher limit, and hand-painted design co., LTD., the customer is also very limited in the selection, digital printing on silk, has brought the traditional hand-painted silk market shocks, hand-painted upgrade before begin to pay close attention to the digital printing projects, digital printing.
3, printing and dyeing enterprise digital printing dyeing factory set up a digital line meet orders, or small orders increase gradually, many orders and Europe and the United States is around digital process design, so more and more on the digital printing and dyeing enterprises printing production line.
4, home decoration industry, personalized pursuit markedly increased in t-shirts, pillow after digital printing production is generally popular, curtain, sofa cloth, the murals are more made by the way of digital printing.
5, woolen sweater advocating personality sweater generally USES cutting piece printing, combined with process trival, also received the problem such as poor working conditions, traditional craft flat digital printing machine into digital printing enterprise production tool.



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