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Things You Don’t Know About Flag Fabric

Things You Don’t Know About Flag Fabric

May 24,2017
Warp knit flag fabric is the most basic fabric in the dye sublimation industry. I believe a lot of people are both familiar and unfamiliar with this fabric. You are familiar with it because it’s easy to buy from the market. And you are unfamiliar with it because you can’t have the see-through effect.

Many printing companies are not professional because when it comes to fabric that look the same, they think these fabric produced by each company are more or less the same as long as they can be printed. In fact, we need to make an analysis. The direct printing fabric we talk about can be broken down to DP coating (coating treatment) and fabric (base fabric). Then the base fabric can be the same, which can be knitted by German Karl Mayer knitting machines. So it’s not strange that the base fabric look the same. However, why can some imported flag fabric have the see-through effect and why are their prices relatively high? Actually, the only difference is the coating technology. This coating can’t be seen by your eyes but is known to the printing machines. Whether the fabric can be printed with see-through effect depends on the coating technology! This is my analysis in my daily life. A factory that can produce base fabric is just a knitting mill while a factory that excels in coating is a dye sublimation fabric producer.

In fact, 110gsm warp knitting flag fabric can be divided into see-through flag fabric and ultra-high see-through flag fabric. I won’t talk about see-through flag fabric more because it’s often seen in the market. To extend our gratitude to customers of S+C, our company offers a specially discounted price of USD0.5 FOB Shanghai per sqm. Here I will make an introduction about the ultra-high see-through flag fabric. It can be divided into ultra-high see-through flag fabric for Epson printing heads and for industrial printing heads. Please don’t think it’s complicated because it is complicated regarding the coating technology. If you don’t have good printing effect and there’s a big color difference, please first consider if your supplier is professional and if they treat and handle issues with the printing heads categorized.

Among dye sublimation companies which are dealing with coatings, if one can’t categorize printing heads, it can’t do well. If one company can only do basic things all the time , it’s not qualified to do high-end stuff. This is the bottleneck the companies will encounter when they go into foreign markets. Your distributors will say that your fabric can’t have see-through effect. You’ll never know why and you’ll never know why S+C direct printing fabric can have see-through effect. If you are not buying our ultra-high see-through flag fabric, it means you are not listed as our VIP customer because the market you are pursuing is different from ours. Also please don’t complain why the see-through flag fabric you buy from us don’t have good see-through effect because you never buy the ultra-high see-through flag fabric. And your price is only for the common see-though flag fabric.



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